FIRST Steamworks 2017: Success at Team 4914’s 1st District Event

March 22, 2017    


“Working with official FIRST volunteers was a “FIRST” for me and it was an amazing experience. I wish we could keep on hosting more district events and continue working with such amazing and dedicated volunteers.” -Ray Dai, Team 4914 Build Assistant

On March 18, 2017, Victoria Park CI’s FIRST Robotics Team 4914, hosted their first ever district event. Being the only high school to host such an event, it was no doubt a huge accomplishment by the team. With 27 teams in attendance, three of them being teams from America, the event was a major success in every possible way.

This year’s game, titled “FIRST STEAMWORKS”, required robots from each team to prepare for a long distance airship race. Points are scored by collecting fuel into the boiler, installing gears to activate the rotors, and finally, climbing the airship to prepare for liftoff. As usual, there are 2 alliances in every match; blue and red. Cooperation is key to succeeding in this game, as teams must prioritize and manage what their robot is to do in order to assist their alliance.

The event kicked off with an intense match betweens the teams 4732, 216, 5076 on the blue alliance, and the teams 919, 5406, 288 on the red alliance. As the qualification matches played out, one team stood out in particular -team 4039. Being undefeated throughout the qualifications matches, their strong plays put them in the number 1 spot. Although losing one match in the quarterfinals, they came back strong and faced off against teams 1305, 5076, 5911 in the finals. After 2 hardfought, exhilarating matches, the red alliance, composed of teams 4039, 4939, and 6141 came out victorious, becoming the winners of this district event.

While the Panthers did not compete in this event, the team as a whole, enjoyed working together to host it. After working diligently to ensure that the event was a success, it was a delight to see robots of all shapes and size, from many different locations, come compete at this event. Although a district event, members of each and every team showed respect to one another throughout the entire event. It was a great learning experience for both the host, and the teams.