Victoria Park

Victoria Park is proud of its strong co-curricular program. We have over 50 clubs and a myriad of sport teams as well. Our students have many opportunities to develop their interests and their leadership abilities through clubs, our community partnerships and teams.

Victoria Park has a variety of facilities for our students and community. We have a swimming pool, several gyms and our well-equipped Brian Maxwell Fitness Room. Our students also have access to wireless areas including our school library, over 300 computers including laptops and ipads, construction rooms, an auto shop and our CSI-style biotechnology lab. Our courtyard is home to our organic garden. Our school is well used by our students and the community.

Our students are well supported by a committed staff who work together to provide a learning environment that is safe, exciting and caring. Victoria Park has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and we are proud of our traditions and our reputation for academic achievement.